Monday, 19 January 2015

New Year New You

Hi guys sorry for not updated this blog for a couple months.

Happy late new year for all of you btw. What is your resolution for this year? mine is same like last year or maybe years ago. Yes, being skinny but never happen *sad*
but my new resolution is I hope this blog can make you interested and gain more readers and followers so we can be friends from another blogger. yeah, we'll see...

So I will post my OOTD photos during december-january

Black Christmas Eve
    Dress - Insight
        Bag - Platform Store
  Shoes - Juju

White Christmas
Dress - H&M
Bag - Roxy
Shoes - Juju

New Year
Btw i'm selling my preloved stuff like clothes, bag, and shoes. please visit my online shop littleneedshop on instargram or you can just click the direct link. Thank you

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Friday, 12 December 2014

12.12 Online Fever by Zalora

Dapatkan penawaran menarik hingga 84% selama satu hari saja, hanya di ZALORA

Hari ini tepat tanggal 12 Desember 2014 merupakan hari penting untuk online shopper. Yes! today is 12.12 Online Fever yaitu dimana kita bisa berbelanja online dengan diskon besar-besaran.
Dalam merayakan 12.12 Online Fever kali ini Zalora Indonesia melakukan penawaran menarik yang sangat disayangkan untuk dilewatkan. Kita bisa mendapatkan buy 2 get 20% disc untuk produk label Zalora. Beberapa produk ternama seperti Ray-ban, River Island, Casio, Vans, Nike discount hingga 70% dan masih banyak juga produk lainnya. Kalian bisa langsung cek di 
12.12 Online Fever merupakan hadiah akhir tahun dari ZALORA untuk para fashion & shopping enthusiasts dan juga pelanggan loyal ZALORA. Lewat cyber event ini ZALORA juga mengajak audienst menikmati kemudahan dalam berbelanja di ZALORA lewat sejumlah fasilitas belanja terbaik seperti COD, garansi 30 hari uang kembali dan same day delivery dengan menambah biaya sebesar Rp 50,000 saja.
12.12 Online Fever akan dilaksanakan secara serentak di tujuh Negara ZALORA lainnya yang akan dimulai di tanggal 12 Desember 2014 pukul 00.00 hingga 24.00.
Jadi tunggu apa lagi, ga ada yang perlu diragukan jika ingin memesan produk di Zalora, karena aku sendiri sudah beberapa kali memesan barang dari Zalora dan sangat memuaskan. Mulai dari harganya yang terjangkau, pengirimannya yang cepat, dan barang yang berkualitas. So you guys must be hurry just today untill 24.00! just klik

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Halloween 2014

Trick or Treat?
Finally halloween is coming (few days ago) and i'm going to Halloween Party with Dreamers Market in Lapiazza Gandaria City. Actually this is my first time going to halloween party, it's mean I never go to halloween party before xD
Halloween party with Dreamers Market had a lot of fun because many people costumed as zombie, vampire, dracula, queen, tinkerbell, alice, witch, braid, and many more.

I choose to be a Little Red Riding Hood. Actually this is my second choice because first I want to be Emily The Strange because it's very easy to be like her. But I think be a Little Red Riding Hood is more looks costumed for Halloweenn Party.
You guys must know that the cape for red riding hood is last minute DIY and it's very low budget. I made it 2 hours before the party because I'm not sure that I will go or not.
So here's the things I use to be a Little Red Riding Hood:
          - red cape
          - black top
          - black skirt (you can wear a simple white dress too)
          - black socks
          - mary jane shoes
          - basket goody

with another bloggers fellas

 selfie with Indy Mumu

get mixmax, mini cupcake, and mochi for free xD

make up:
- foundation & powder
- brown eyebrow
- smokey eyes
- red blush on
- red lipstick

 special performance by "Dekat"

best costume (someone costumed as anabelle and it's scary)

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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Outfit of The Month

Weekend this month is a very busy weekend right? yeahh 4 big events in a month!
first event on the second week is EUPHORIA PROJECT, the third week is LOCAL FEST, and in the fourth week is MEN's FASHION WEEK and BRIGHTSPOT.

      beanie: Zara TRF // Top: Cotton On // Ripped Jeans: unbranded // Shoes: Vans // Bag: lilmisscollette on IG

no, i'm not attending the Euphoria Project. This is just the outfit when i'm going to the mall and I really love my new ripped jeans because it's antimainstream LOL :p *no offense* and the beanie is so cute because it's pink with "stop chilling" on it.

     Parka: Stupkid // Crop Top: H&M // skort: Centro // socks: H&M // wedges: Forever 21// necklaces: Yihaa Project //   bag: withsuwithsu shop

 I just attend 2 events this month. Local Fest and Men's Fashion Week but I didn't take a picture when i'm going to the Local Fest. I'm wearing this outfit when i'm going to MFW but sadly I can't enter the event because I came very late, actually the invitation says its start 7.30pm but I come 8.30pm and yes I can't see the show and i'm so sad *tears*. Hopefully I can see another Fashion Week.

Talking about local event, did you know I'm sure that you ever heard that! Yes, it's one of the biggest online shop in Indonesia and of course so trusted! I accidentally opened the website and it's so interesting. I saw their socks collection and jeans collection and I very love it! It's so recommended for all of you who lives in Indonesia hope you guys check their collection.

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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

BEDDINGINN is a home decor solution

Hi guys!
Let me introduce you something interesting.
Are you searching a home decor such as bedding, bathroom accessories, wall art, rugs, lighting, candles, and etc? bedinginn is the best answer! You can find everything you need about your home decor there.

Christmas is so near, of course you want to make your home warm with christmas decor right? Yes they sell Christmas Bedding and have a super awesome Christmas baby bedding and Christmas flannel bedding. You don't need to go outside to search a store. This is the easy way to shop, all you need to do is just click the direct link and get their collection because it's now on sale from 45%-65% off. The motive of the bedding is so cute, unique, and you will not find that on another store. By the way it's not only about christmas bedding. But you can find 3D bedding, girls bedding, luxury bedding, and many more there.
So what are you waiting for? come pay a visit on their website by just click this and get their collection before it's run out. Your home is ready to be stylish and comfortable place ever! leave a comment if you done.

still not open the website? okay i will show you something which make you curious.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Shop What's on My Closet!

Hi guys I just signed up on and I sell my stuff like shirt, shoes, accessories, etc still with good condition and best price too. My closet is too full and I don't know to put them where so I decide to sell them on carousell because it's easy way for seller and buyer. Now you can check them up!

click this link below:

here's a sneak peak what i sell on carousell. so what are u waiting for? go grab them! i'm waiting for your order xoxo

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Mickey oh Mickey

"You are never too old for Disney"

Almost every people know about that quote, but for me disney is identic with childhood. So if you are too old for disney, you must go back to your childhood LOL

Well, I just changed my background picture and colour on this blog because i'm getting bored with the old. What do you think? is that good or very ordinary? maybe i'm gonna change it very soon because I easily get bored and it's hard for me to find a good picture for my background because i'm a type of perfectionist person even at last it's not perfect at all fiuhhh......

The final exam is finally over, it's mean time for holiday!!!
I know my college is too late give a holiday because school holiday is over.
After i post this, i'm not gonna update for a few months because i will go back to my hometown for spending my holiday even i don't have a plan what i'm gonna do there, and i will not bring my camera and laptop. So, don't miss me lol xP

oversize shirt - H&M
over knees spike socks - ladulceshop (Instagram)
wedges - Forever 21
rainbow loom watch - DIY

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