Sunday, 9 November 2014

Halloween 2014

Trick or Treat?
Finally halloween is coming (few days ago) and i'm going to Halloween Party with Dreamers Market in Lapiazza Gandaria City. Actually this is my first time going to halloween party, it's mean I never go to halloween party before xD
Halloween party with Dreamers Market had a lot of fun because many people costumed as zombie, vampire, dracula, queen, tinkerbell, alice, witch, braid, and many more.

I choose to be a Little Red Riding Hood. Actually this is my second choice because first I want to be Emily The Strange because it's very easy to be like her. But I think be a Little Red Riding Hood is more looks costumed for Halloweenn Party.
You guys must know that the cape for red riding hood is last minute DIY and it's very low budget. I made it 2 hours before the party because I'm not sure that I will go or not.
So here's the things I use to be a Little Red Riding Hood:
          - red cape
          - black top
          - black skirt (you can wear a simple white dress too)
          - black socks
          - mary jane shoes
          - basket goody

with another bloggers fellas

 selfie with Indy Mumu

get mixmax, mini cupcake, and mochi for free xD

make up:
- foundation & powder
- brown eyebrow
- smokey eyes
- red blush on
- red lipstick

 special performance by "Dekat"

best costume (someone costumed as anabelle and it's scary)

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  1. yess, i just saw someone costumed as annabelle on instagram. she's great!

  2. Love how you costumed as Red Riding Hood! <3

  3. I wish I could come :(


  4. great outfit for halloween!
    seems like you had so much fun during halloween in town


    Mr. Rebel in Town

  5. such a lovely halloween costume you've got there! red riding hood suits you perfectly ;) sayang kurang basketnya aja ya hihihi tp it's amazing you can nail this costume in a very short time!

  6. looks like awesome event >.< i wish came to this event, came to senayan outdoor halloween festival
    its kinda hot being outside :( nice post dear!

    XO Diras,
    fashion beauty blogger on